Planning, budgeting, obtaining permits and financing, realization and management of points of sale and sports, entertainment and commercial centres. In particular, the planning stage is divided into technical-engineering field and stylistic- architectural field.

Planning and realization of serial concepts applicable to public places.
They include the definition of the mood of the place, the research and the budgeting for furniture, and the installation and the finalization of the chosen materials on the approved lay-out.

Projects and interventions of naturalization and landscaping.

Paperwork for obtaining permissions.

Study and evaluation on environmental impact.

Computer based simulations and realizations of plastic scale models.


Following the definition of the executive project and under the coordination of the supervision of works, Semana fulfills:

Costruzione strutture edili
  • Building constructions.
  • Air-conditioning and heating systems.
  • Hydro and hydraulic net systems.
  • Electric and data-transmitting systems.
  • Urbanization works.

Direction and maintenance

The structures, with their functions and technological characteristics, require highly skilled interventions and constantly updated know-how .

Semana uses qualified and skilled staff (specific certificates) flanked by qualified technicians (engineers enrolled in the professional register).

In an ordinary, preventive, corrective and extraordinary way and with regular inspections and technical and structural updates, Semana manages:
  • Buildings and sports facilities.
  • Electrical systems and sanitary water systems.
  • Heating and cooling systems.
  • Fire-fighting systems and safety systems.
  • Advertising and technological installations.
  • Mechanical plants.
  • Management of external companies on elements of special systems or covered by patents or proprietary software (like Siemens, Notifier, etc.).


Semana intervenes in the preparation / organization of meetings, shows, exhibitions, events, concerts, sport and cultural events:

Preparazione e organizzazione eventi
  • Design and realization of possible temporary sales and technical areas, such as parking, sponsor areas and commercial villages.
  • Electrical and mechanical assistance during the event.
  • Access control and security (stewards e hostesses).
  • Restaurants, bars and catering.
  • Cleaning of large surfaces and its waste disposal.
  • Management of the security guard and, if necessary, also armed.
  • Rental portable toilets.
  • Rental industrial vehicles.
  • Organization of first aid services.