Semana Green

In partnership with the Semana Green Holding, Semana is able to ensure additional services for the green, for golf courses, football fields and urban furniture.

Semana Green has a regularly employed staff who is properly trained and in possession of regular licenses for the use of pesticides, and operating with owned vehicles and equipments.

Golf & Soccer

Semana Green follows all golf and football fields planning stages, with the execution and submission of feasibility studies and implementation projects, directly and / or through collaboration with international designers and it takes care of the building:

Semana Green
  • Deforestation works and cleaning.
  • Removal and storage of soil cultivation.
  • Earth-moving works, including any reclamation works.
  • Modeling works.
  • Surface stabilization preparatory to subsequent use.

and the following direction:
  • Coordination of human resources needed to carry out different kinds of maintenance.
  • Procurement and use of materials and products suitable for a proper and balanced management of bunkers and grassy meadows.
  • Use of appropriate operating machinery, replaced on a regular basis, full coverage of the agronomic needs of the grass, and sporting and technical aspects of land.
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of machinery.
  • Maintenance and management related hydraulic irrigation, electrical and mechanical systems.
  • Agronomic consulting and supervision concerning planning and utilization of the necessary seasonal products in the respect of needs of sports.
  • Chemical and physical analysis of soils with technical comment and consequent adjustment in the programming of the fertilization plan.
  • Chemical-physical analysis of the quality of water for irrigation.
  • Tree population health and stability check in compliance with current regulations.
  • Management and maintenance of the tree and shrub heritage.

Urban design

As well as for soccer and golf fields, Semana Green, follows all the phases of design, construction and operation of urban and ornamental furniture and building and installation works in the relevant defined areas.


The intervention areas cover the complete management and the maintenance of the specific preparation of the field, in the respect of timing of the event and possible planning and implementation according to the requirements.

Semana Green

Extraordinary maintenance with repairs and renovations might be necessary in the post-event phases.